1st TIBFI General Membership Meeting

Hosted by: COHREP

The 1st General Membership Meeting of Tourism Industry Board Foundation, Inc. (TIBFI) was held on 15 March 2017 at University Hotel, UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City. It was hosted by the Council of Hotel and Restaurant Educators of the Philippines (COHREP) and the GMM was attended by the official and alternate representative of the members of organization, 14 out of 16 members of TIBFI.


Left to right – Raymund Guerrero (COHREP), Cesar Cruz (PHILTOA), Eleonor Ogarte (NUWHRAIN APL), Victoria Villegas (UP AIT), Ryan Sebastian (DOT), Ma. Isabel Gamurot (TESDA), Dr. Gloria Baken Wong- Siy (AAHRMEI), Ms. Ma. Christina Aquino (HRAP), Ms. Anabelle Ochoa Moreno (AHRM), Mr. Paul Lim So (PTAA) and Mr. Daniel Edralin (NUWHRAIN APL)

Here are the members who were present during the GMM:

  • Association of Administrators in Hospitality Hotel and Restaurant Management Educational Institutions (AAHRMEI) represented by Dr. Gloria Baken Wong- Siy (Founding President)
  • Association of Human Resources Managers in the Hospitality Industry (AHRM) represented by Ms. Anabelle Ochoa- Moreno (Past President)
  • Council of Hotel and Restaurant Educators of the Philippines (COHREP) represented by Dr. Rowena Sagaysay (President), Mr. Raymund Guerrero (Board Member) and Ms. Shirley Guevarra (Board Member)
  • Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines (HRAP) represented by Ms. Ma. Christina Aquino (Associate Board Member)
  • National Union of Workers in Hotels, Restaurant and Allied Industries (NUWHRAIN APL) represented by Mr. Daniel Edralin (Secretary General), Ms. Eleonor Ogarte (Local President of Century Park Hotel) an
    d Mr. Hessel Larcia (2nd National Vice- President)
  • Philippine Association of Convention/ Exhibition Organizers and Suppliers, Inc. (PACEOS) represented by Ms. Tinette Capistrano (Chairman for Education)
    Philippine Bartenders League (PBL) represented by Mr. Mutley Matilla (President), Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA) represented by Mr. Cesar Cruz (President)
  • Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA) represented by Mr. Paul Lim So (Secretary General)
  • Tourism Congress of the Philippines (TCP) represented by Ms. Pacita Montinola (Board Member) and Ms. Katherine Lapuz (Secretariat)
  • Union of Filipino Tourism Educators (UFTE) represented by Ms. Armina Javier (Board Member), University of the Philippines – Asian Institute of Tourism (UP AIT) represented by Dr. Edieser Dela Santa (Dean), Dr. Miguela Mena (Former Dean) and Ms. Victoria Villegas (Assistant Professor)

Left to Right- Mr. Mutley Matilla (PBL), Dr. Rowena Sagaysay (COHREP), Dr. Edieser Dela Santa (UP AIT), Dr. Miguela Mena (UP AIT), Ms. Tinette Capistrano (PACEOS), Ms. Armina Javier (UFTE), Mr. Daniel Edralin (NUWHRAIN APL), Mr. Paul Lim So (PTAA), Ms. Anabelle Ochoa Moreno (AHRM) and Ms. Ma. Christina (HRAP)

The advisory board of TIBFI who were present are the Department of Tourism (DOT) represented by Mr. Ryan Sebastian and Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) represented by Ms. Marissa Gamurot (Representative, Qualifications and Standards Office).

Who can join TIBFI?
The common interest that brings together members of TIBFI is the interest in developing Tourism Human Capital needed by various sectors of this industry. Membership in the Foundation is tripartite and shall be granted to:

  • The Private Sector - industry organizations that are stock, non-stock or NGO
  • The Government Sector – from tourism related public government offices/ agencies
  • The Labor Sector – organized labor organizations involved in the tourism sector
  • Any organization/individual engaged in the activities and have legitimate interests in the goals and objectives of this Foundation.

What are the benefits of joining TIBFI?


First Row (Left to Right) Dr. Gloria Baken Wong- Siy (AAHRMEI), Ms. Ma. Isabel Gamurot (TESDA), Ms. Tinette Capistrano (PACEOS), Ms. Eleonor Ogarte (NUWHRAIN APL), Dr. Rowena Sagaysay (COHREP), Mr. Paul Lim So (PTAA), Dr. Miguela Mena (UP AIT), Ms. Armina Javier (UFTE), Ms. Victoria Villegas (UP AIT) and Ms. Ma. Christina Aquino (HRAP). Second Row (Left to Right) Ms. Shirley Guevarra (COHREP), Mr. Raymund Guerrero (COHREP), Dr. Edieser Dela Santa (UP AIT), Ms. Anabelle Ochoa Moreno (AHRM), Mr. Daniel Edralin (NUWHRAIN APL), Mr. Mutley Matilla (PBL), Mr. Ryan Sebastian (DOT) and Mr. Hessel Larcia (NUWHRAIN APL)

Here are just a few of the benefits enjoyed by TIBFI Members:

  • Expanding network and visibility among tourism stakeholders in the Philippines
  • Professional development through various trainings offered by the organization
  • Staying informed on the latest news & trends focusing on tourism 
  • Research - publication and peer connections which can be useful for policy or promotions/marketing
  • Recruitment & marketing via professional opportunities
  • Impacting the future of hospitality education
  • Free attendance in GMM (held quarterly) for one representative. Additional fees will be charged for additional members of the organization.
  • Waived registration fees for HR Congress for one representative. Additional fees, discounted rate, will be charged for additional members of the organization.
  • Access to website materials that are exclusively available for members only



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