A Special Big Data and Analytics Program for the Philippines brought to you by the STR SHARE Center

STRWe are excited to announce a special program focused on Big Data and Analytics specifically for the Philippines. We would like to invite all instructors from hospitality and tourism programs to participate in three upcoming events.

The first event will be a free certification train-the-trainer workshop to prepare instructors to offer the Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics (CHIA) or Hotel Industry Foundations and Introduction to Analytics (HIFIA) certification training to the students at their schools. The first session is April 7th, so you’ll want to register very soon.

The second event will be a free train-the-trainer workshop on How to Conduct a Market Study. This workshop will provide instruction on how to teach your students to do market analysis and prepare a polished presentation. This workshop will be conducted in May.

The third event, taking place later in the year, will be a Student Market Study Competition hosted by LPU. The competition will begin in August and will conclude with student teams presenting their market study online to a panel of industry professionals in November.

Please see the attached announcement for additional details, dates and registration information. We would like to thank LPU, COHREP, AAHRMEI and TIBFI for their generous support and assistance in so many ways.

We look forward to your involvement and wish you all the best.

Duane Vinson
Vice President STR
Assistant Director of the STR SHARE Center





Click here for a PDF copy of the announcement.

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