2021 Philippine Student Market Study Competition Proudly Hosted by LPU-Laguna

2021 Philippine Student Market Study Competition Proudly Hosted by LPU-Laguna
Details and Guidelines
  • The competition is open to SHARE Center member schools in the Philippines.
  • If your school is not currently a member, we can provide you with a complimentary trial membership.
  • Teams must consist of 3 to 6 students with 1 to 3 faculty advisors.At least three students must speak during the presentation.
  • Limit of one team per school.Teams may include both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • The entry fee is $40 USD per team.The fee may be paid by check, credit card or wire transfer.If you would like to enter a team, please email sharecenter@str.com and we will send an invoice and payment instructions.
  • Teams will choose cities/markets on a first come, first served basis.No two teams will be allowed to present on the same market.Teams may not select a market in the Philippines.When a school lets us know they would like to register a team, we will send the faculty advisor a list of available Markets to choose from.Please note the “Important Dates” section below for when teams may begin submitting their selected market.
  • A special “How to Conduct a Market Study” training for instructors/professors that will be advising their team will be held on May 29th.Please email sharecenter@str.com for the link to join.It is important that the teams read the Judging Criteria included with these Instructions and Guidelines, so that they understand what should be included in their analysis and presentation.Please submit questions or ask for clarification on any areas where needed.
  • A standard set of reports and other supporting information about the markets will be made available via DropBox (see timeline below); however, teams may use additional data obtained from sources other than STR.They may also include insights and input from other industry professionals (e.g. local hoteliers, the tourism bureau, etc.) as long as they are properly sourced in their presentation.Schools may request up to five (5) additional reports from STR to help in their Market Study.
  • The degree of available information and data may vary from market to market.Some markets may have less detailed data/information and/or lower sampling in STR reports.
  • Groups will create a presentation (in PowerPoint or other presentation software of their choice).
  • Teams will submit their presentation and a video via DropBox of their team presenting.The video should show the team either presenting individually if in a remote location or together if possible.It should not be a voice over PPT video where we are unable to see the students.
  • These videos will be reviewed, evaluated, and scored by a panel of senior level industry judges and seasoned STR presenters to determine the finalists in each division.Feedback from our judges will be given to each team.
  • All finalist teams will be required to present a live 30 (maximum) minute presentation using Zoom, a link will be provided.A five-point deduction taken from the combined score will be given to any team whose presentation is shorter than 25 minutes or longer than 35 minutes.
  • The order of presentations will be based on a blind draw and the schedule will be sent to faculty advisors one week before the competition.
  • All presentations must be in English.
  • There will be a panel of judges from hotel companies, tourism organizations, consulting and/or investment firms to observe, review and score the finalist presentations
  • Presentations will be recorded and shared with other teams in the competition. They may also be shared with others interested in competing in future competitions. The faculty advisor and each team member will be asked to sign a Video Release Form prior to their team presenting.
  • At the conclusion of each presentation our judges will make comments and/or pose questions to the team.
  • We will announce each team’s final placement via live stream.A $500 USD prize will be awarded to the winning team.All finalist teams will be recognized with a plaque provided by our host, LPU-Laguna, which will be sent to the primary faculty advisor.
  • Print ready participation certificates for each member of the student team will be sent to the faculty advisor following the competition, provided the faculty advisors sends STR each student’s name within one week following the competition.
  • Faculty advisors are to “advise and give guidance”, not do the work for their students.
    Important Dates
  • Special “How to Conduct a Market Study” training for instructors/professors that will be advising their team will be held on 8AM-10AM PHST, Saturday, May 29, 2021.
  • Registration is open through Saturday, September 4, 2021.
  • Teams will submit a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice for their market selection beginning 12PM PHST on Saturday, August
    21, 2021.Cities/markets will be assigned on a “first-come, first-served” basis, with only one team per city/market.
  • Registration fees must be paid to the STR SHARE Center by Saturday, October 16, 2021.
  • STR will have all reports and data posted to a DropBox folder for all teams by Saturday, September 4, 2021.The access link will be sent to the advising professor/faculty member(s).
  • Team presentations and video must be uploaded by Friday, November 5, 2021.
  • All teams will be notified if they have been selected as a finalist by Friday, November 12, 2021.
  • Online presentations (Zoom) will begin at 8AM PHST on Saturday, November 20, 2021.
  • Announcement online (Zoom) of winners and final placement will be at 8AM PHST on Sunday, November 21, 2021.

If you have questions and/or are interested in entering a team in the competition, please email sharecenter@str.com.
Judging Criteria

Student teams will be judged on the following criteria.Each area will be scored on a ten (10) point scale, with the score for Slides, Communication style of the team and Summary and Closing doubled for a total maximum 140 points possible.If teams have the same total score, all judges will come to a consensus on the final standings.Scoring sheets will be provided to each team in advance.

  1. Quality of welcome and introduction
  2. General Makeup of the Market - Quality of the description of the size and structure (organizational makeup) of the market (property and room counts, top brands, …)
    1. How well were unique characteristics of the market (including unique hotels) pointed out?
    2. How well were special attractions or events that relate to the hotel industry in the market noted?
  3. Current Statistics - Quality of the description of the current stats for the market
    1. How well were current key performance indicators, values and percent changes pointed out?
    2. How well was the market compared to other markets (rank) and to past history (records)?
  4. Trended Data - Description of longitudinal trends in the market
    1. How well were the long term performance trends described, including the impact of historic events?
    2. How well were actual values correlated with percent changes?
    3. How well were the different metrics correlated to each other?
  5. Market Breakdowns - Description of different breakdowns of the market (submarket, class/scale, …)
    1. How accurate and relevant was the selection of different geographic segments (submarkets) and nongeographic segments (scales or classes) of the market?
    2. How well were different geographic and non-geographic segments of the market described and distinguished from one another?
  6. Comparable markets
    1. How good was the selection of comparable markets?
    2. How well was the performance of the subject market related to the comparable markets?
  7. Types of business
    1. How well were the weekday/weekend, day of week, and seasonality trends and differences described?
    2. How well were group and transient trends and differences described?
  8. Pipeline and Development
    1. How well was the recent development history and the current pipeline activity described (breakdowns by phase, scale and brand)?
    2. How was the development activity of the subject market compared to other markets?
  9. Slides
    1. How was the quality of template (school logo, market …)?
    2. Visual appeal of graphs and tables; how easy is it to understand the data represented?
    3. How accurate and informative was the labeling of graphs and data?
    4. Was a large amount of content effectively communicated? 
    5. Was good judgment used related to amount of data shared (not too much, no irrelevant information)?
    6. How creative was the presentation (graphics, keeping audience interest)?
  10. Communication style of the team (speakers 1,2,3)
    1. How familiar was the speaker with the market?
    2. How comfortable was the speaker with the data (metrics, terms)?
    3. How understandable was the speaker's explanations and interpretation of the data?
  11. Summary, Takeaways, Looking Ahead, and For the Future
    1. How well were major trends summarized?
    2. How well were the unique characteristics of the market summarized?
    3. How relevant and actionable were the industry takeaways?
    4. How well were future considerations addressed?

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